7TH HSE Exhibitions

The mission of the exhibition

The mission of this exhibition is to improve the scientific level, present advanced and specialized technologies and introduce the equipment of capable companies in the field of HSE, promote and develop research and research activities, change new attitudes in the fields of safety, occupational health and environment in all industries and Presenting a new perspective in the field of health and community health, so that with the presence, interaction and common-mindedness between industry owners, researchers and experts, an effective step can be taken in the direction of improving the standards of safety, health and environment management. In this matter, all organizations, companies, production and service industries will be beneficiaries, for this purpose, related companies and organizations are invited to attend.

Features of the exhibition

  • Having the support of the employer sector (Ministry of Oil and its subsidiaries, Ministry of Industry and Mines, Trade, Environmental Protection Organization, Firefighting and Safety Services Organization, etc.)
  • Planning for the presence and visit of employers and experts active in the field of HSE
  • The simultaneity of holding an exhibition with the industry, which due to the proper placement of the halls next to each other, will increase the visit to a great extent.
  • Reasonable expenses for attending the exhibition
  • Wide and effective presence of academic and educational centers in the exhibition and holding educational workshops and seminars on the sidelines of the exhibition
  • The wide range of product groups related to the issue of safety, health, environment, fire fighting and rescue and as a result the effective presence of various companies, institutions and organizations in this exhibition.

Guests and visitors

Crisis managers of the governorates of the whole country, HSE managers of the municipalities of the whole country, (executive managers, prevention, operations, procurement of firefighting organizations, the Red Crescent population and emergency services of the whole country)
Managers of crisis, safety, fire, army, army, air force, navy and passive defense

Cultural Heritage Organization, Revolutionary Guards Corps, Basij Engineers Organization, Provincial Building Engineering System Organization, Safety, Fire, HSE and Refinery Protection Managers, Petrochemicals, National Oil and Gas Companies and Related Industries, Mobarakeh Steel, Iron Smelter, Power Plants, Administrations All prisons, police command (awareness, road, FATA, prevention, special unit)

Safety, fire, HSE and security managers of all ministries
The visit of 3500 members of the Association of Trade Unions of Certified Safety Officials
Ministry of Labor and Health research centers
Safety and procurement managers of regional gas, electricity, and water administrations
Managers of private companies and sellers of safety and firefighting equipment, companies of industrial estates, mass builders, owners of industries, investors and all centers and organizations active in the field of safety, firefighting, HSE

Exhibition specifications

Type of exhibition: specialized international
Event time: 19 to 22 October 1401
Venue: Permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions
Visiting hours: 10 am to 3 pm

Organizer and presenter: Fararesaneh
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Saeed Dolatshahi
CEO: Ali Najafi
executive affairs: Arash Dolatshahi
Administrative Affairs: Akram Yousefi
Tel: 88210950 -55688320 -021

Whatsapp: 09302479071
Web: www.isecexpo.com
Email: info@isecexpo.com

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